I write to share with the Lewiston community my experience with Megan Parks. I have rarely met someone so passionately committed to their community.

I met Megan at the beginning of the pandemic last year when we worked together to open an emergency shelter for the homeless community in Lewiston. What I learned about Megan is that she has an unbelievable work ethic and a tremendous passion for her hometown.

I watched her work tirelessly with the homeless community, and many stakeholders and partners, to make sure that the shelter was a success. It was a very high-pressure, challenging project, and she rose to the occasion with dedication and grit.

Megan is a fierce advocate for her city and all of her neighbors. I urge people to vote for her for the school committee and ensure that youth and families in the Lewiston community have her in their corner.

Christine McNulty Grant, Windham

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