LIVERMORE FALLS — Three selectmen voted Tuesday to accept a proposed licensing ordinance that would govern medical marijuana establishments in town.

The ordinance will go to voters Tuesday at the polls at the Fire Station from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Board Chairman Jeff Bryant and Selectmen Jim Long and Ernie Souther voted to accept the 18-page ordinance following a short public hearing. Selectmen William Kenniston and Rodney Heikkinen were not in attendance.

Nine residents, including the three selectmen, Town Manager Amanda Allen and the public works foreman were in attendance. No Planning Board members were there to answer questions.

Resident Roger Moulton, a registered caregiver who grows medical marijuana at his home, said there were changes to the ordinance since he last saw it.

The document has undergone at least four revisions.

It was noted that the definition of a medical marijuana cultivation facility is a permanent location where a registered caregiver or multiple registered caregivers cultivate medical marijuana consistent with state law, provided the physical location is not the primary residence of any registered caregiver using the facility, which need not be licensed.

Once the ordinance is established, it can be amended at any time, Allen said.

The board wants residents to be comfortable with the ordinance and its requirements, Bryant said.

The initial application fee is $250. A medical marijuana store applicant will need to pay a renewal fee of $500.

An unidentified resident asked if any other businesses have to pay a fee to operate in town.

Town officials said no.

Under the ordinance guidelines, medical marijuana facilities need to be no less than 500 feet from the property line of an existing school or a state licensed day care center. A facility cannot open earlier than 9 a.m. and close no later than 9 p.m.

After discussion, selectmen and Moulton agreed the proposed ordinance should be given to voters.

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