WATERFORD — The Town of Waterford is pleased to announce and welcome both a new Recreation Director and a Community Coordinator. The Board of Selectmen is enthusiastic that these new roles will bring much-needed activities and support resources to residents of all ages in the Town of Waterford.

Kayla Laird

The Recreation Director role has been filled by Kayla Laird in an innovative collaborative partnership with the Town of Harrison. Capitalizing on the existing community and school system relationships, this exclusive partnership will bring continuity and continued community interactions. Kayla will continue, as she has done for years in Harrison, to organize and facilitate traditional sports activities and events such as baseball, softball, soccer, and basketball. With the official addition of Waterford’s school-aged children to her purview, children in Waterford will be provided an equal opportunity for inclusion in summer recreational programs and special events. Also, it is anticipated that there will be increased use of the Sandlot sports facility in Waterford, as well as the ability to electronically register children for sporting activities.

Kelley Halter

The Community Coordinator position has been filled by Kelley Halter, in a new and exciting role that will focus on activities and structured events for all members of the Waterford community. Activities such as hiking, crafting, fishing, baking, and social engagements are planned. Additionally, Kelley will work closely with existing community groups to bolster these interactions and embrace the positive experiences they create.

Waterford is home to a wealth of adults with knowledge, experience, and skill sets that should be shared with our youth. The opportunity to facilitate positive interactions between adults and children in our community is seen to be enriching to all participants. These planned activities within our beautiful community will be an innovative extension of the many ongoing efforts to promote community spirit and outreach.

Perhaps as exciting as what Kayla and Kelley individually bring to Waterford and its community, is the shared path they are embarking on. The commitment to collaborate and partner with activities across town lines enriches both communities and their residents. Senior luncheons and “getaway” trips are just two examples of combined efforts that are being planned to bolster this innovative joint venture. The Board of Selectmen are profoundly excited to welcome Kayla and Kelley in their roles and are looking forward to the shared experiences and positive community interactions well into the future.

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