WEST PARIS — Selectman Eli White reported that a building located at 289 Bethel Road was a dangerous hazard at the Thursday, Oct. 28 West Paris Board of Selectmen.

CEO and LPI Kingston Brown brought forth evidence to support this statement. The building is currently owned by Nicholas Kontos. More evidence was brought forth against the livability of the house. Brown notes the only source of heat was from a space heater left outdoors in the elements. Brown followed this by stating it was a fire hazard to not only Kontos but his neighbors as well. Further along, Kontos stated the previous Town Manager (8-10 years ago) informed him a Port-A-Potty would pass as a septic tank and to substitute for running water he could have his own water jugs. Kontos reported having a company clean the Port-A-Potty multiple times a year, and the rest of time he cleans it with bleach.

The Selectman informed Kontos they were not picking on him, or trying to tell him how to live; rather, they were concerned for his health and safety, and it is their responsibility to look out for all citizens of West Paris. The Selectman asked Fire Chief Troy Billings’ opinion of the building, who said he was concerned there wasn’t a second fire exit.

Rec Department Director Zach Brandwein said if the selectman decide not to rule now, the Town doesn’t have any liability if anything were to happen. It was decided Brown, Waterhouse, and Troy Billings all go to Kontos’ home and see if any cleaning has been done, with a listing of items to make it safe.

Last week, the delivery for salt for winter plowing and sanding occurred. There were some concerns which Town Manager Joy Downing addressed by speaking with the Sales Manager. West Paris will be granted $740.00 in credit due to issues.

In other news, Downing wants to hold a Rabies Vaccination Clinic at the Town Office before the year ends. Oxford Hills Veterinary Hospital is happy to help, she said. All money will go to the Veterinarian for their time and help. Also, while citizens are at Town Office getting their dogs vaccinated, the Town office staff while be available to register their dogs at this time, if owners would like. Plans are to hold this on a Saturday from 10 a.m. – noon. The information will be given out publicly when it is arranged.

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