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Magic Bus: A tribute to the Who will take the stage at 7 p.m. Friday, Nov. 12, at Somerset Abbey, 98 Main St., in Madison.
The Who, one of rock’s most iconic bands, made the charts in 1964 with their hit song, “Can’t Explain.” That was the beginning of their amazing journey. Still performing more than 50 years later, The Who can be heard in commercials, television theme songs and on the radio.

The tribute band based in Portland captures the sound and feel of The Who. We’ll take you on a tour of the rock band’s discography, covering songs from “My Generation” to “Who Are You.” We also perform select songs from the rock operas “Tommy” and “Quadrophenia.”

Paul Bessa (Roger Daltrey) is a singer and plays the piano, acoustic guitar and harmonica. Bessa comes from the New York area and is now living in Portland for the past 10 years.

His introduction to music began with drums at 15 and then after that he taught himself piano and guitar. He’s played in several rock bands growing up listening to Led Zeppelin, Beatles and such. In 1997 he got a recording contract in Hollywood of his own music. Living in Portland he gives vocal lessons and performs the music of The Who. His vocal style sounds like Daltrey’s and with Paul’s talent on acoustic guitar, keyboards and harmonica each song is rich with sound.

Andy Pappas (Pete Townshend) is on lead guitar and sings. His love for classic rock began at a very early age.

Listening to Elton John as a young boy sent him on a musical journey, later becoming fully immersed in the classic rock genre. His main influences being Deep Purple, Yes, Van Halen, and Rush, Andy eats, sleeps, and breathes everything rock music. His passion for guitar started him playing at the age of 12, and in a band by 13. A self-taught musician, Andy has continued to be in bands his whole life up to the present day. His passion for The Who and his musical talent make him up to the task for the role of Pete Townshend. His life’s mission is to keep classic rock alive and well, and is very grateful for the opportunity to play in Magic Bus!

Mike Meservey (Keith Moon) is the drummer and is backup vocals. He was born with drum sticks in his hands. After his parents gave him his first drum it has been chaos from day one. Playing in bands traveling six states and two countries Mike honed his craft. Hearing Who tunes all his musical life he now takes on the high-profile part of drummer Keith Moon.

Meservey has studied Moon’s drumming and say’s “It’s an ongoing process. Keith is like a big band drummer in a rock band. You can’t appreciate his genius until you learn his unpredictable style.” Mike is the “Bellboy”.

Rich Pierpont (John Entwistle) is a bassist and is backup vocals. He steps up to the job of bassist John Entwistle.

His many times great-grandfather wrote ‘Jingle Bells‘, and his father was in a competitive “Barbershop Quartet”. After not getting blessed with any of those particular musical genes, luckily there was a bass clef gene still kicking around. Blessed with an ear for music and ten nimble fingers, although a baker’s dozen would have made the task at hand much easier, the journey had begun. With blisters under callus, and groves in his fingertips… it’s back to the future, flirting around the octaves emulating the great “Thunder Fingers”.

Tickets cost $25 and must be purchased in pairs.

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