As an Auburn resident for almost 80 years, I am writing to remind citizens of Auburn and Lewiston that “Lake Auburn” is their water supply.

It’s great to support development, but they should take a minute to ask themselves the following questions.

(1) Why for years has the water district worked to protect Lake Auburn?

(2) Why were all properties (some were cottages) purchased and removed from Lake Auburn?

(3) Why for years did the water district board of concerned citizens stress the protection of Lake Auburn?

(4) Why were water shed districts (concerned with development) established to maintain the quality of Lake Auburn?

(5) How is it that we are fortunate to have a high quality and Environmental Protection Agency filtration waiver that results in Lake Auburn not needing filtration before it is treated?

(6) Is development more important than our drinking water supply, “Lake Auburn”?

(7) Isn’t it up to all of us to protect this gem?

I thank people for listening to this concerned citizen.

Mary Ann Norcross, Auburn

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