Who or what is Iandus? That name says it all. It is, literally, I and us.

As you read this, editor, you are the I. As I write and read this, I am my I. You are part of my us, as I am part of yours. Whenever Iandus is evoked, it refers to every single human being alive. The one who thinks of it in their own mind is always their own I, and everyone else is part of their us. This could even include those who have passed away and are yet to be born, and beings of all other species.

Iandus is a philosophy. It is a mindset, a goal, and a zeitgeist. Above all else, it is an identity. It is a reconciliation of the individual with community at its greatest scale, and this duality’s role in the great cosmic interplay of the universe, of all that is.

So many people struggle endlessly from birth till death seeking meaning for their life, in vain. This is a travesty. Please understand editor, my friend, the very fact we exist at all is meaning. The experience and awareness of every single individual is the first time the universe has ever explored itself in that specific and particular circumstance, as well as the last.

We all belong to the same self at various scales of perception, the self of Iandus — the self of the cosmos.

We are all that is.Let’s get to know ourselves. We’re our only hope.

Jacob Morin, Lewiston

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