A platoon of high school students volunteered their services to a couple of community members on Saturday the 6th of November, raking and removing leaves, and hauling boxes for The Giving Tree. There were four seniors: Ella Shaffer, Mya Laliberte, Evan Smith, and Abi Madrid; one junior, Daxxtyn Williams; two sophomores, Lily Shaffer and Angelica Chavaree-Woodward; and three freshpeople, Brooke Laliberte, Zak Madrid, and Nichole LeMay.

It was perfect autumn weather, blue sky, light breeze, low-50s, with the last of the apples hanging low on their trees. The kids got busy right away. They worked real well together, laughed a lot, and appreciated that special feeling true altruism delivers in the way of dopamine and a warm heart. Community service is an essential component to the health and success of our social contract. Our kids care. They get it. Rangeley should be proud of the children they are raising, bright, thoughtful, connected, aware, and so much more. Thanks for volunteering, kids. You are appreciated.

(L. to R.) Nichole Lemay, Lily Shaffer, Brooke Laliberte, Angelica Chavaree-Woodward, Zak Madrid, Abi Madrid, and Daxxtyn Williams.


(L. to R.) Ella Shaffer, Brooke Laliberte, Lily Shaffer, Daxxtyn Williams, Angelica Chavaree-Woodward, Nichole Lemay, Mya Laliberte, and Evan Smith.

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