I am an old man of nearly 90, but am so afraid of the society we now live in I have to vent.

I am angry at the major food stores and large box stores such as Hannaford, Shaw’s, Walmart, BJ’s and others, because they are refusing to man enough registers with live people. 

Yes, I understand that there is a labor shortage, but that was created by a government that has failed to listen to the people. Instead, government officials have tried to buy votes by paying people to stay unemployed under the guise of stimulus payments because of COVID-19.

I blame the people as well who eagerly suck up such payments and loaf, thinking they are getting something for nothing. Well, the inflation that is eating us alive is part of this whole agenda.

People should remember that the wagon stops when there are more people in the wagon than pulling it. We can’t change reality.

George Fogg, Auburn

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