This property at 28 Weld St., the Weld Street Inn, was in foreclosure. Town of Dixfield property tax file photo

DIXFIELD — An agreement was fulfilled by the owner of The Weld Street Inn to pay $23,552 by Nov. 17 to cover unpaid property taxes, sewer and water bills from 2017-2021, plus attorney fees, said Tax Collector Alicia Conn on Thursday.

Anne Marie Cook, owner of The Weld Street Inn at 28 Weld St. in Dixfield, listens at a meeting in August. Rumford Falls Times file photo

“It was paid in full. We were satisfied and everyone moved on,” said Conn.

On Aug. 16, the Board of Selectmen, former Town Manager James McLamb and Town Attorney Jennifer Kreckel met in a 15-minute executive session with inn owner Anne Marie Cook, who presented a two-page timeline for paying what she owes on her property at 28 Weld St.

When they reconvened in open session, the board authorized McLamb to sign the agreement, with the stipulation there would no partial payment or extensions at any time and no further negotiations. McLamb said Cook would agree to vacate the premises on Nov. 18 if she failed to meet the conditions of the agreement.

Conn said Cook paid The Weld Street Inn’s tax lien in full on Sept. 22. Asked why Cook paid so far before the deadline, Conn said he believed they had a buyer in mind at the time.

She said a quitclaim deed, which was being held in escrow, was released to Cook’s attorney as soon as the town received full payment.

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