David Hursty at Gallery 302

BRIDGTON — Gallery 302 in Bridgton is happy to welcome a new photographer to its cooperative of artists. David Hursty views the world as an ever-changing palette. There is beauty all around us if we take the time to observe. He tries to find the special something in every scene. He began his adventure in photography in his father’s darkroom. After college, David began a fifty-plus-year career as an independent school educator (history teacher and administrator). During this time, he was drawn back to the darkroom and began teaching and working with students on the craft of black and white film photography. Along with many others, he shifted to digital cameras and the digital darkroom. He has recently revisited his fascination with the drama of black and white images.

For David, each image is a story interrupted by the click of the shutter. The characters of the story, light, color, and texture are in constant motion. The photographer captures a moment in this unfolding story. A moment never to be repeated. The photographer’s memory of the moment and the image captured on the camera’s sensor can produce an interesting dilemma: Are the two aligned? David views the following quote attributed to Pope Paul II as a guiding message for him as an artist. “Artists know a special pain because they imagine a work and see it in their heads but can never execute it perfectly, can never achieve what they imagined, and forever carry the anguish of unmet ambition.” David sees the message as an inspiration to continue his journey as an artist in interpreting the story of the world around us.

Mr. Hursty’s photographs may be seen at Gallery 302, located at 112 Main Street in Bridgton. For more information, call 207-647-2787 or visit gallery302.com.

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