Saddleback Tight Line from Rangeley Chamber of Commerce Calendar. (You may contact Chamber to purchase calendar by calling (207) 864-5571) Photo by Jim Ferrara

Welcome to winter in Maine’s Rangeley Lakes region, where “We Do Winter Right!”. Grab your mittens and boots and don’t forget to bring your yearning for adventure and fun. Visit Rangeley in the winter and be ready to play, relax and recharge.  In Rangeley, it is fun and easy to socially distance.  There are miles of trails to explore – snowmobiling, big mountain skiing, cross-country skiing, fat-tire biking, snowshoeing or hiking. After most major winter events were canceled last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the events are all scheduled to be back this winter and organizers and businesses are excited to welcome everyone back.

After autumn’s dazzling display of color, the days grow shorter and colder, transitioning to the beginning of winter, when the lakes and ponds freeze and the landscape becomes blanketed in white. This marks the arrival of the long-awaited, idyllic winter wonderland into which Rangeley quickly transforms.

There are ponds, lakes, mountains and trails – too many to count – on which you can pursue your favorite winter activities. Is snowmobiling your passion?  Come explore our breathtaking region on the 170 miles of trails groomed daily by the Rangeley Lakes Snowmobile Club – the #1 club in Maine!  Enjoy Nordic skiing?  Explore the 55 km of groomed trails at the Rangeley Lakes Trail Center. Don’t forget the biggest news – Saddleback is back!  While the mountain has been making significant investments in snowmaking capacity, in the lodge experience, as well as the purchase of the new, high-speed detachable quad, Saddleback will always be about its unique culture – a laid back community of people who love the outdoors, who love skiing and who want to be around others who share those values.  Try blazing a new trail in fresh snow on your snowshoes and relish in the quiet beauty of the winter forest. Have you ever ridden a fat-tire bike on trails surrounded by towering, snow-covered evergreens?  Rangeley offers many options, from beginner to expert, to try out this exciting, fast-growing cycling experience.  Take to the ice on Haley Pond and skate the way skating was meant to be done – outdoors, on a pond.  You can even try your hand at curling.  Building a snowman never gets old and there’s no shortage of raw materials here – just add your imagination and build the best snowman ever.  There’s nothing like the exhilaration of sledding down one of the many area hills on anything from a piece of cardboard to a padded toboggan.  Local folks will be happy to share with you where the best hills are.

If you want to take a warm break from your outdoor activities, visit our unique local shops, the Rangeley Public Library or enjoy live music and bowl or play billiards at Moose Alley.  Sit by a fire, enjoy a warm drink, see a movie or curl up with a good book.  Driving the Rangeley Lakes Scenic Byway, a 35.6-mile National Scenic Byway, is a great way to meander through the mountains and lakes and take in the views, the wildlife and the villages along the way.

The Rangeley area boasts a number of award-winning restaurants and accommodations. There is a wide variety of accommodations, from B&Bs, to inns, motels, cabins and private homes for rent.  You’re certain to find exactly what suits you for your stay in Rangeley.  Dining choices are just as varied and you are certain to enjoy a great meal no matter where you go.  Some inns and restaurants have a roaring fire in massive stone fireplaces.  After your meal, warm up by the fire before heading back outside.

So, come experience winter in the Rangeley region for yourself and you’ll surely understand the magical appeal of this special gem in Maine’s western mountains. Various honors and awards have been bestowed on numerous local businesses and all of the local businesses welcome the opportunity to make your stay here an amazingly unforgettable experience.

The Rangeley Lakes Chamber of Commerce

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