• Joseph S. Boothby, 32, Wilton, on charges of domestic violence aggravated assault, probation hold, Monday, Dec. 6, in Wilton, Wilton Police Department.

• William A. Cuddy, 59, Eustis, on a charge of operating under the influence, Monday, Dec. 6, in Eustis, $100 bail, Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

• Brandon M. Bowie, 35, Carthage, on a charge of warrant tampering with a witness, informant, juror, or victim, Tuesday, Dec. 7, in Carthage, Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

• Jonathan M. True, 32, Rumford, on a warrant for criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon, Tuesday, Dec. 7, in Farmington, Franklin County Detention Center.

• Nicholas J. Mannix, 23, Lebanon, New Jersey, on a charge of operating under the influence, Wednesday, Dec. 8, in Farmington, $150 bail, Farmington Police Department.

These entries reflect charges filed against individuals. Entries are not criminal convictions.

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