The year 2021 witnessed the piercing grip of the aristocracy’s talon clench tighter, in my opinion.

These are the powerful elite class that control the media, academia, Silicon Valley, politics and Hollywood. In my opinion, they want to control the narrative without discourse.

Freedom of speech and dissent used to be embedded in our country’s DNA, no matter what political party one belonged to. Today, it’s all a matter of what tribe you follow, I believe.

At the start of the pandemic, health care workers were lauded for their bravery and dedication helping those in need. That was before a vaccine was available. Today, we kick them to the curb if they aren’t vaccinated. Amazing. (By the way, I am vaccinated.)

People opposed to the vaccine aren’t all right-wing Trump supporters, as the New York Times suggests. Award-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald says, “Indeed, many of the most outspoken celebrities in culture and sports expressing vaccine hesitancy were Black.”

While the commoners struggle along with making ends meet, members of the political class seem exempt from the very rules they impose on these folks. They have been filmed maskless partying at a drag club, having their hair styled at a salon, hobnobbing with the Obamas at a birthday bash, enjoying some fine dining at the French Laundry, and many other incidents.

This pandemic has truly highlighted the chasm in this country between the haves and have-nots.

Here’s to optimism for a better year of a renewed faith in humanity and common sense.

Kevin Landry, Lewiston

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