I would like to ask Lewiston residents to support and send Peggy Rotundo back to Augusta as state senator this fall.

I have known Peggy for close to 30 years and was fortunate to serve with her on the school committee in Lewiston. Peggy is a person who brings people together and listens to them. This is the quality that we need in Augusta. She listens to people no matter what party they belong to.

I was public health nurse under the Gov. Paul LePage administration when he dismantled the public health system in Maine. I went to Peggy about this problem, and she was able to get money back in the system to replace nurses that LePage would not replace or hire.

I support Peggy Rotundo for our next senator to go to Augusta. I ask the people in Lewiston to support her. Peggy listens and will help people. She cares.

Ronnie Paradis, Lewiston

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