JAY — Selectpersons voted Monday to keep the sewer rate for 2022-23 the same as the current rate.

Effective July 1, the rate is $315 for a minimum use charge of up to 3,200 cubic feet of water usage, plus 9.5 cents per cubic foot that exceeds the minimum use.

“This rate generated enough revenue during the current year to cover 100% of the Sewer Department’s annual operation and maintenance budget for 2021-22,” according to sewer Superintendent Mark Holt.

The gross Jay sewer budget for 2022-23 is $513,900. The net sewer budget for the period is $451,500.

The difference between the two is that the gross budget does not factor in revenue the town is to receive from Livermore Falls for its share of the combined superintendent’s salary, benefits and associated expenses.

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