Mark Beauregard

The four Rangeley Selectmen present at the May 2nd meeting voted unanimously to sign the 2022-2023 Annual Town Meeting Warrant.  The Warrant can now be printed and posted.  A final warrant public hearing will be held on May 24, 2022 at 6:00pm at the Town Office.  No changes can be made to the Warrant as a result of the public hearing but all of the public’s questions will be discussed and answered by the Selectmen.  Absentee ballots are available starting May 13th and in person voting will take place on June 14, 2022.
Richard Dunton, Director of Engineering at Maine Land Development Consultants, attended the meeting via Zoom to discuss frost heaving on the newly reconstructed Loon Lake Road.  Richard Dunton, E.L. Vining (the contractor), Rangeley’s Town Manager, Public Works Director and Highway Foreman agreed that two locations of road surface movement need further review.  This spring after the weight restriction posters are removed, the existing binder pavement will be removed in the problem areas so that the sub grade soils can be assessed.  Corrective action based on this investigatory work will be performed to prevent future occurrences.
The Town of Rangeley has been selected to receive a $30,000.00 grant from the Maine Department of Environmental Protection for a Fiscal Sustainability Plan/Sewer Rate Study.  This grant requires a 100% match from the Town.  The Selectmen voted to take $60,000.00 from the Sewer Reserve Account to fund this planning and study project and will then be reimbursed with the Maine DEP $30,000.00 grant.

The Selectmen were presented a proposal prepared by Wright-Pierce Engineering to create a Capital Improvement Plan for the Transfer Station.  The plan would include items such as scales, a roof over solid waste and recycle areas, a drive through traffic pattern, compactor replacement, wood waste processing/disposal areas and safety improvements.  The Selectmen voted to expend up to $9,630.00 from Transfer Station Reserve to pay for this Capital Improvement Plan.
Issues involving the Dangerous Building located at 124 Carry Road in Oquossoc have been resolved.  The property has been cleaned up and stabilized and the Town has been paid for its legal and public hearing advertising costs.
The Town has sent in a pre-application to the Boating Facilities Fund for improvements to the two public boat launches in Oquossoc.  This pre-application places Rangeley on the Boating Facilities Division of the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands schedule for a site visit that is needed prior to submitting a full application due by July 20, 2022.
Fire Chief Michael Bacon provided a memo with additional information on Fire Engine #3 to answer some of the Selectmen’s questions from a previous meeting.  Engine #3 was purchased in 2016 with 38,036 miles on the odometer and 3,233 engine hours.  The current mileage is 47,523 and the engine hours are 3,909.  Northeast Fire Apparatus is scheduled to evaluate the truck’s repair needs and draft a letter to address those concerns.
During the “Select Board Communications” portion of the agenda Selectman Ethan Shaffer stated that some of his constituents asked him if the Citizens Petition to add a warrant article for the purchase of a new fire truck to replace Engine #3 was legal.  This will be discussed at the May 24, 2022 final warrant public hearing.  Selectman Shelly Lowell asked for an update on the Town’s Economic Development Consultant’s current projects.  Chairman Cyndy Egan asked if the Town was exploring options to provide public use electric vehicle charging stations.  The Town Manager intends to gather information on these issues for the Selectmen.
The next Board of Selectmen’s meeting is scheduled for May 16, 2022 at 6:00pm at the Rangeley Town Office.

“A democracy is healthiest when the public is informed about the activities of leaders of industry and occupants of public office.” -Melvin Melcher

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