Auburn Mayor Jason Levesque and the City Council have pushed hard and constantly to increase the housing around Lake Auburn, ignoring the study that they paid close to $100,000 for in 2019.

While a few potential developers have shown support for development, that support appears to coincide with economic interest. Around the lake there are a large number of signs saying “Protect Lake Auburn,” as there are throughout Auburn and some in Lewiston as well.

Auburn has large area, and there is no shortage of room to build additional housing. That should never be a point to justify the damage that the council seeks.

If its agenda should pass, Lake Auburn could need filtration costing $45 million, and $2 million annually to maintain it. There are 6,000 Auburn people to whom Lake Auburn supplies water, 9,000 Lewiston people, and 90 people in Poland. Each would be responsible for $3,000 paid over 30 years of bonds as interest rates rise.

There are two significant petitions being circulated which will slow or void the council’s plans. Wonderfully, Lewiston Mayor Carl Sheline has authorized Lewiston to sue Auburn to stop the damage its council seeks to inflict.

If we all work hard together, we can “Protect Lake Auburn” for the next generation.

Jim Wellehan, Auburn

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