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A few weeks ago, I grasped the opportunity to take this column in a new direction. For nearly a decade, my writing focus has been on food. I’m still going to continue writing about food topics, but now I have the opportunity to write about other areas I work on, including care giving advocacy, human trafficking, and spirituality.

So the last couple of weeks, I’ve wrote about my experience with angels. Eight years ago, I had an emergency surgery that changed my life physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Before my health crisis, I had been exploring my spiritual beliefs in earnest. Ever since I was a toddler, I would ask my other questions about who is God? How do we know there is a God? Are angels real?

In church, I would curl up to her soft coat and listen intently to the priest and shake my head about things he would say. Afterward, I would ask my mother, why can’t I just talk to God myself? I drove her crazy with questions.

In Sunday school, questions were not welcome. I quickly learned the nuns did not appreciate my asking about angels or why didn’t people just speak up for Jesus. I continued to question and live by one rule – “love one another.” My heart knew God didn’t make exceptions to that rule and that as much as the church had encouraged fear, I knew fear wasn’t a God thing. I wasn’t making headway getting answers to my questions until my surgery when embarked on a journey where I would find the answers myself.

Our soul leaves our bodies to make way for surgeons to do their job. I watched the healthcare team move me to the operating table. Before my surgery began, I observed silvery-white spirits gathered at the foot of my bed. One looked like a birch leaf and I heard it say, “This is going to happen; we need to prepare” then they all swirled away like leaves on the wind. In the ICU, during the ensuing week, several times, the nurses would “bring me back” when I drifted away on a cloud to a place I describe as having “opaque golden light”.

As I healed physically, I learned spiritually. It was a hard road. Sometimes I’d yell, commanding God to leave me alone. Other days I was like a kitten excitedly lapping cream. Finally, I committed and said, “Fine, whatever you need me to do.” I had no directions. Instead, I was given clues and lead to those who could help me. I had to figure out the big picture.

I ask for angel guidance and assistance every day. Around the world, angels are working with frequencies. Humans, writing, essential oils, and meditation are examples of frequencies. Hate, poverty and war are frequencies, as are love and peace. Our job is to listen and create an environment where the frequency of peace and love is so strong that frequencies like hatred, poverty and war can’t exist.

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