• Treva D. Moors, 22, Wilton, warrant two counts probation revocation, Monday, June 27, in Wilton, Wilton Police Department.

• Thomas E. Williams, 46, Canton, gross sexual assault, unlawful sexual contact, Tuesday, June 28, in Canton, Jay Police Department.

• Bowe L. Murphy, 36, Jay, warrant operate while license suspended, Tuesday, June 28, in Jay, $200 bail, Jay Police Department.

• Benjamin L. Fearon, 40, Wilton, domestic violence assault, Wednesday, June 29, in Wilton, $100 bail, Wilton Police Department.

• Christopher W. Veilleux, 34, Farmington, criminal trespass, violation condition of release, Thursday, June 30, in Wilton, Wilton Police Department.

• Jessica Gerry, 29, Jay, warrant failure to appear, Friday, July 1, in Jay, personal recognizance bail, Jay Police Department.


• Kurt D. Searles, 34, Phillips, warrant arson, conspiracy to commit arson, Friday, July 1, in Phillips, $5,000 bail, Office of State Fire Marshal.

• Greg A. Fowler, 52, Roxbury, violation condition of release, criminal mischief, Saturday, July 2, in Farmington, $200 bail, Farmington Police Department.

• Nathan S. Vining, 24, Bath, operating under the influence, Saturday, July 2, in Farmington, $100 bail, Farmington Police Department.

• Jamielyn M. Tardif, 19, Farmington, disorderly conduct loud unreasonable noise, Monday, July 4, in Farmington, personal recognizance bail, Farmington Police Department.

• Cooper M. Purdy, 29, Kingfield, criminal mischief, Wednesday, July 6, in Kingfield, $100 bail, Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

These entries reflect charges filed against individuals. Entries are not criminal convictions.

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