I can’t understand why the climate bill got no Republican votes.

As I understand it, the bill provides funding to fight climate change, allows Medicare to negotiate drug prices, and extends subsidies for health insurance coverage. These measures would be funded through what appear to be modest taxes to successful corporations.

Aside from the usual problems with legislation, including applying a horribly misleading name, and including many unrelated provisions that could be considered separately, the bill seems to provide many elements that will be beneficial to Americans, and the entire planet.

Yet not a single Republican voted for it. Explanations resemble this recent quote:

“This bill is going to mean more taxes, more spending, higher prices — right in the middle of a combination of an inflation time and a time of recession.” Sen. John Barrasso (R., Wyo.)

But honestly, that just sounds completely bogus.


In particular, giving Medicare the ability to negotiate with Pharma has always seemed a “no brainer” for me.

Now, I understand that R’s don’t want the D’s to have any victories under their belts, especially going into the midterms. And certainly they despise the thought of Biden accomplishing anything that people might consider beneficial. And they hate giving the federal government any more power, particularly when the D’s are in control of it.

But please, if anyone has some sensible explanation for voting “no,” I’d like to consider it.

Gregory D’Augustine, Greene

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