Coaches: Gretchen Curtis (16th year), Erin Wainwright
Conference: MVC; Class: C
Last year’s results: 11-3, reached the C North regional semifinals.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Morgan Woods, Jayce Brophy, Grace Robbins, Kallie Errington, Amber Smith, Alivia Ellis, Kara Woods.
Key losses: Abby Stevens (MVC second team), Alyvia Perreault (MVC first team), Megan Fletcher.
Season outlook: Dirigo has a small roster this year, and coach Gretch Curtis is looking for the players to go into each practice and game ready to give 100% while making progress along the way.

Kim Joler (fifth year)
Conference: KVAC; Class: A
Last year’s results: 1-14, lost in A North preliminary round.
Returning athletes: Senior — Amanda Raymond (F). Juniors — Micah Joler (M/B), Leah Thibodeau (M), Adrianna Couture (F), Helena Moon (F), Kasey Smith (G).
Key losses: Ella Perry, Megan Lachance, Caroline Audette, Charlotte Levasseur, Addison Chute, Addison Avery, Grace Poirier.
Promising newcomers: Sophomores — Kassidy Lobb (B), Carly Wang (B), Lauren Hodgman (B), Marina Morgan (F), Nora Condit (B), Hana Dumont (G); Freshmen — Mackenzie Joler (M), Meredith Delehanty (M), Kylee LeBrun (G).
Season outlook: Although Edward Little has a young team, Kim Joler said this is a dedicated group of athletes ready to prove themselves on the field. The Red Eddies’ speed and versatility will advance the ball, which should provide them with some valuable scoring opportunities.

Jess Merrill (second year)
Conference: WMC; Class: B
Last year’s results: 3-11, lost in the B South preliminary round.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Stella Libby (F), Taysia Hanscome (M), Megan Hill (M/B), Lorenza Piper (G), Lexi Hutchins (M/B), Emma Hutchings (M/B); Juniors — Olivia Knudsen (M), Mia Bowie (F).
Promising newcomers: Sophomores — Emma Bowden (F/M), Ellie Bouman (B), Greta Tod (F), Elara Cluck (B), Sam Poulin (G), Freshman — Helen Kalinich (M/B).
Season outlook: A new co-op with North Yarmouth Academy has added players that give the Patriots additional skill in key areas. The team is developing a new mindset as it focuses on developing skills and confidence. The players are meshing well, and they hope to pull it together and be competitive with each game. Coach Jess Merrill said Olivia Knudsen and Emma Bowden will be at the heart of the midfield and she hopes they generate a lot of opportunities through their decision-making skills.

Coach: Wanda Ward-MacLean (39th year)
Conference: KVAC; Class: B
Last year’s results: 14-4, Class B state champions.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Cierra Barker (F), Anna Sargent (F); Junior — Emma Beedy (M); Sophomores — Madeline Morin (M), Addie Twitchell (B).
Key losses: Eve Martineau (KVAC Class B first team), Megan Nason (Maine Field Hockey Association All-State Team), Keriah Marston, Paige DeMascio, Cara Jordan, Cadence McDowell, Daisy Twitchell, Ava Gagnon, Courtney Cabral, Sophia Visconti, Kaylee Bellmore.
Promising newcomers: Seniors — Ava Pratt (B), Ally Langlois (M/B), Grace Gonyea (B), Lily Chabot (G), Jazzlynn Clark (F), Gwen Scherrer (F) Ryleigh Entrott (F), Ayanna Ball (G); Sophomores — Izzy Gates (M), Olivea Miller (B/M), Katie Sirois (F), Bella Westman (G), Hailey Girard (F/M); Freshman — Jada Beedy (M).
Season outlook: The Hornets have a lot of work to do to replace the now-graduated players who helped them win a state title last year, according to coach Wanda Ward-MacLean. She said there is a good core group of players and a solid group of players that will need to fill roles and step up to the varsity level of play. Everyone has been working hard and it’s just a matter of time before everything falls into place, Ward-MacLean said, and she expects that the Hornets will compete with every team this season.

Coach: Julie Petrie (12th season)
Conference: MVC; Class: C
Last year’s results: 7-9-1, reached C South regional final.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Haley-Jane Tuplin (F), Maria Levesque (G), Maddy Tuplin (M/F), Laura Mockler (M/F), Capella Russo (D), Kayla Cooper (F), Hanna Schreiber (D), Alexia Barnes (M/F), Reesa Theriault Guay (F/M), Jade Connor (D); Sophomores — Avia Russo (M/F), Riley Hoyle (M/F); Mackenzie Theriault (D).
Key loss: Amelia Mooney (MVC honorable mention).
Promising newcomers: Senior — Emily Libby (F); Freshman: Alivia Saunders (F).
Season outlook:
Senior leadership and contributions from every player will be the key to success for the Greyhounds. They are aiming for consistent play throughout the season. Their expectations are high, and the ultimate goal is a deep playoff run.

Jenessa Talarico (third year)
Conference: KVAC; Class: A
Last year’s results: 7-5-1, reached the A North quarterfinals.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Julia Perkins (D), Kimberley McLaughlin (G), Moriah Baillargeon (M), Whitney Perkins (D), Deanna Tabor (D); Juniors — Alyssa Tremblay (M), Siara Laliberte (F), Bella Dube (M), Reese Maynard (F), Maddy Freeman (M), Fiona Landry (F), Allison Lavallee (M), Gabriella Thomas (D), Kaydence Gibson (M), Jasmine Connor-Schade (M), Savannah Connor-Schade (F), Taylor Melvin (D), Olivia Crowley (F), Isabelle DeMars (D), Skyla Webb (D), Cally Dow (F), Claudia Provost (D); Sophomores — Sarah Mack (G), Chloe Tremblay (M), Ava Dionne (M).
Key losses: CeCi Miller, Kelsey Westleigh, Mya Grant, Lexi Freeman, Ahna Dostie, Jayden Blais.
Promising newcomers: Sophomores — Jenni Flynn (F), Maia Langlois (M); Freshmen — Lauren Cote (F), Emma Mills (M), Ayanay Holloman (F), Shelby Vallee (D), Kadynce Bisson (G), Grace Colgan (M), Madilyn Moreau (F), Maya Gunther (M).
Season outlook: The Blue Devils were hit hard by graduations, losing seven starting seniors from last year’s team, including the KVAC Class A player of the year, Ceci Miller, along with KVAC Class A first-team recipient Kelsey Westleigh. The varsity team is primarily composed of juniors this season, providing an opportunity for players to step into much larger roles. The Blue Devils hope to remain competitive in a challenging conference.


Jody Harmon (11th year)
Conference: KVAC; Class: A
Last year’s results: 8-8, reached A North regional semifinals.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Talia Kidder, Teagan Daley, Emily Hammond, Rachel Maxim, Olivia Smothers, McKella Ford, Alyssa Simoneau, Molly Kearing, Ella Mayhew, Allyson McCabe; Juniors — Mikayla Wilcox, Katie Yeaton; Sophomores — Summer Sawyer, Bree Griffin, Kara Daggett, Piper Wojcik, Abbi Donald.
Key losses: Eva Stevens (KVAC Class A first team), Natalie Howard (KVAC Class A second team), Elle Marshall, Anna Hyde, Brooklynn Keene, Lauren Howatt, Lilly Richards, Taylor Brisard.
Promising newcomers: Freshman — Kali Judkins, Lily Huntley, Grace Allen, Kensley Malcore.
Season outlook: Mt. Blue will remain competitive but is young with only few players who were on the varsity roster last year. However, coach Jody Harmon said everyone is eager to learn and working hard to progess to the next level.

Allie Belaire (first year)
Conference: MVC Class: C
Last year’s results: 13-3-1, reached C North regional final.
Returning players: Seniors — Vivian Fournier (M), Chloe Godbois (D), Alivia Knox (M), Tanna Gammon (F); Juniors — Ella Young (M), Mallory Bourret (F), Abby Jones (F), Celeste Dickie (D/M), Brooke Brown (G), Nevaeh D’Angelo (M/D); Sophomore — Kaylani Sinclair (F/M).
Key losses: Alana Young (MVC second team), Autumn Freeman, (MVC first team), Taylor Duguay, Lauren Pepin (MVC honorable mention), Alyssa Shaffer, Kimmy Marin.
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Lola Bisson (F), Mariya Gammon (F), Haley Glover (D), Jasmin Mosley (M).
Season outlook: The Falcons returning players are showing great promise under the new coaching styles. They are adapting to new skills, and new plays. Mountain Valley, with a small roster, has shown determination and resilience, and first-year coach Allie Belaire said the players thrive on adversity and are ready for a fun and positive season.

Coach: Lexi Fuller (second year)
Conference: MVC; Class: C
Last year’s results: 5-8-1, reached C South quarterfinals.
Returning players: Seniors — Chloe Fournier (D), Lilly Coburn (M), Mia Valliere (F), Julie Mooney (M); Juniors — Sierra Lane (G/D), Lexi Pelkey (F); Sophomore — Emma Bourgoin (M).
Key losses: Olivia Staggs (MVC honorable mention), Brianna Dumais (MVC second team), Julia Lane (MVC first team), Cassie Steckino (MVC second team), Amanda Beaule.
Promising newcomers: Junior — Michaela Pontbriand (D); Freshmen — Sutton Sloan (M), Izzy Whitaker (F), Saryn Blais (D).
Season outlook: Coach Lexi Fuller said the Raiders have worked throughout the preseason to develop and improve their skills. With several promising freshmen joining a group of returning players, the team looks to make a deep run in the playoffs.

Coach: Cindy Goddard (35th year)
Conference: KVAC; Class: A
Last year’s results: 11-6, reached A North regional semifinals.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Maddy Stack (B), Allegra Meagher (B), Zaya Vollmar (B), Sierra Carson (F), Bree Heikkinen (M), Carlee-Mae Cash (B), Paige Temple (F), Molly Corbett (B), Miah Gallan (M), Allison Slicer (M), Juniors — Ava Kennagh (B), Brynn Bean (F), Kaya Joseph (M), Tristen Derenburger (F), Gabby Wright (G).
Promising newcomers: Senior: Autumn Rowe (B); Sophomore: Lauren Millett (M).
Season outlook: The Vikings are hoping to get back to where they ended last year, with the intention of going a few steps further. The team’s 11 seniors they want to make the most of their final seasons. Coach Cindy Goddard said the team has what it needs to be successful: speed, ball skills, teamwork and the desire to complete.

Ashley Armstrong (first year), assistant coach Desiree Menard
Conference: WMC; Class: B
Last year’s results: 2-13, lost in the B South preliminary round.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Abby Bsullak (M), Breah Beaucage; Juniors — Khloe O’Leary (B), Sydney Lacombe (M).
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Addison Michaud (G), Maddy Gurschick (F).
Season outlook: The Knights are a young team but are putting in a lot of work during this rebuilding season. Poland is adjusting to the new coaching staff and is ready to play hard against each opponent in hopes of making it to the playoffs. First-year coach Ashley Armstrong said the Knights have two strong captains, Sydney Lacombe and Abby Bsullak ,who play hard on the field and encourage their teammates off the field.

Karli-An Holt (first year), assistant coach Mercedes Archer
Conference: WMC; Class: C
Last year’s results: 12-2, reached the C South regional semifinal.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Ava Apodaca (M), Lorelei Bonney (M), Abigail Mitchell (F), Isabella Pelletier (F); Junior — Georgiana Davidson (D); Sophomores — Emily Andrews (F), Alexyss Baird (D).
Key losses: Bryana Archer, Julianne Cook, Kathleen Dean, Pilár Hewey, Bella Perryman, Ellie Russell.
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Chloe Beauchesne (M), Maia Cote (GK), Abigail Labonte (D).
Season outlook: Though their roster is small, the Saints are not lacking in passion and determination. Led by four talented, senior captains, the team is working hard to prepare the newcomers and remain strong competitors this season. The Saints hope to build up their backfield while utilizing their speed and experience to propel the offense into good scoring positions.

Racheal Mastine (first year)
Conference: MVC; Class: C
Last year’s results: 7-5-2, reached the C North quarterfinals.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Ryleigh Castonguay (M), Mariyah Fournier (M); Juniors — Leah Burgess (D), Brooklyn Fournier (D/M), Elizabeth Grondin (D), Mary Hamblin (M/D), Aubrey Kachnovich (F), Anna Plourde (F); Sophomores — Avery Bessey (F), Miley Fournier (F/M), Hannah Jewett (G), Samantha Martin (D).
Key losses: Jayden Achorn (MVC honorable mention), Ella Plourde (MVC honorable mention), Paris Howes, Kaila Godbey, Abbie Adams.
Promising newcomers: Senior — Caitlyn Brown (D); Junior — Olivia Mastine (F); Sophomore — Mallory Clark (G); Freshman — Adell Pease (F).
Season outlook: Though a fairly young team with losses at crucial positions, the Phoenix still return many key players with varsity experience. The team is excited, working hard and prepared to head into the season. First-year coach Racheal Mastine said the group of athletes has the drive, work ethic and positive connections to be successful and competitive this season.

Coach: Gail Wight (35th year)
Conference: MVC: C
Last year’s results: 2-14, reached the C South regional quarterfinals.
Returning athletes: Senior — Autumn Thompson (B); Juniors — Bella Bennet (M), Kyra Rose-Espinoza (M), Lindsy Stephenson (G); Sophomore —Rylee Cooper (M).
Promising newcomers: Senior — Payton Berry; Sophomore — Autumn Corriveau; Freshmen — Evelyn Cummings, Cadence Campbell, Vivi Charette, Michaela Mowery.
Season outlook: Roster size will be an issue, and coach Gail Wight is trying to add in a few more players. The team is determined to play hard and stay positive.

Sharon Coulton (second year)
Conference: MVC: Class: C
Last year’s results: 19-0, Class C state champions.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Brooke Belz (B), Julia Letourneau (M), Bella Littler (F), Rhyan Sawlivich (B), Emma Shuman (M), Madison Weymouth (G), Lauryn Wood (F), Lucy Vachon; Junior — Liz Roman; Sophomores — Izzy Folsom (F), Madeline Wagner (F), Caroline Corgan, Lauren Miller.
Key losses: Elle Folsom, Autumn Gerry, Maddie Perkins (Sun Journal/MVC player of the year)
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Cate Gustin, Emily Kempton, Olivia Huri, Camdyn Roy, Brynn Stubbert, Sara True.
Season outlook: As they adjust to the departure of key players from last year’s unbeaten team, the Ramblers will rely on the experience of the nine returning starters this season. Offensively, five double-digit goal scorers are back and looking to add to their totals. The defensive unit includes four seniors, anchored by Madison Weymouth in the cage. The goal, according to coach Sharon Coulton, is to start off playing well against tough competition and continue to improve throughout the season.

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