Maine House races

House District 51: In Sagadahoc County — Topsham.

Linda L. Baker (Republican)

Rebecca L. Jauch (Democrat)

House District 56: In Kennebec County — Litchfield and Monmouth; and in Androscoggin County — Wales.

Kent Ackley (Independent)

Randall Greenwood (Republican)

House District 58: In Franklin County — New Sharon; and in Kennebec County — Belgrade, Fayette, Mount Vernon, Rome and Vienna.

Robert Smith Neal (Democrat)

Daniel Jesse Newman (Republican)

House District 73: In Franklin County — Carrabassett Valley, Coplin, Dallas, East Central Franklin, Eustis, North Franklin, Kingfield, Phillips, Rangeley, Rangeley Plantation, Sandy River, West Central Franklin and Wyman; in Oxford County — Andover, Gilead, Lincoln, Magalloway, Newry, North Oxford and Upton; and in Somerset County — Dennistown, Highland, Jackman, Moose River, Northwest Somerset, The Forks and West Forks.

Vincent House (Democrat)

Mike Soboleski (Republican)

House District 74: In Franklin County — Avon, Carthage, Industry, New Vineyard, South Franklin, Strong, Temple, Weld and Wilton; in Somerset County — the minor civil division of New Portland.

Randall C. Hall (Republican)

Gregory Mathias Kimber (Democrat)

House District 75: In Franklin County — Chesterville and Farmington.

Tiffany Estabrook (Republican)

H. Scott Landry (Democrat)

House District 76: In Androscoggin County — Livermore Falls and parts of Livermore; in Franklin County — Jay.

Tamara N. Hoke (Democrat)

Sheila A. Lyman (Republican)

House District 77: In Androscoggin County — parts of Livermore; in Oxford County — Canton, Dixfield, Hartford, Mexico and Peru.

Bonita L. Bishop (Democrat)

Tammy L. Schmersal-Burgess (Republican)

House District 78: In Oxford County — Bethel, Byron, Hanover, Milton, Roxbury and Rumford.

Rachel Henderson (Republican)

David Paul Thurston (Democrat)

House District 79: In Oxford County — Paris, Sumner, West Paris and Woodstock.

(uncontested) John Andrews (Republican)

House District 80: In Oxford County — Buckfield, Hebron, Otisfield and Oxford.

(uncontested) Caldwell Jackson (Republican)

House District 81: In Oxford County — Greenwood, Norway, South Oxford, Stoneham, Stow, Sweden and Waterford.

H. Sawin Millett Jr. (Republican)

Daniel A. Sipe (Democrat)

House District 82: In Oxford County — Brownfield, Fryeburg, Hiram, Lovell and Porter.

Nathan Burnett (Democrat)

Caleb Joshua Ness (Republican)

House District 83: In Cumberland County — Bridgton and Harrison; and in Oxford County — Denmark.

Donna Marie Dodge (Republican)

Walter N. Riseman (Democrat)

House District 87: In Androscoggin County — Mechanic Falls and parts of Poland.

David Wayne Boyer Jr. (Republican)

Mary-Beth H. Taylor (Independent)

House District 88: In Androscoggin County — parts of Auburn.

Kathleen A. Shaw (Democrat)

James William Sorcek (Republican)

House District 89: In Androscoggin County — parts of Auburn.

Adam R. Lee (Democrat)

Benjamin J. Weisner (Independent)

House District 90: In Androscoggin County — Minot and parts of Auburn.

(uncontested) Laurel Libby (Republican)

House District 91: In Androscoggin County — Leeds and Turner; and in Kennebec County — Wayne.

Hildie J. Lipson (Democrat)

Joshua Morris (Republican)

House District 92: In Androscoggin County — Greene and Sabattus.

(uncontested) Stephen J. Wood Has not responded by Sept. 12

House District 93: In Androscoggin County — parts of Lewiston.

Margaret M. Craven (Democrat)

Robert McCarthy (Republican)

House District 94: In Androscoggin County — parts of Lewiston.

Janet Beaudoin (Republican)

Kristen Sarah Cloutier (Democrat)

House District 95: In Androscoggin County — parts of Lewiston.

(uncontested) Mana Hared Abdi (Democrat)

House District 96: In Androscoggin County — parts of Lewiston.

Jon Connor (Republican)

Michel A. Lajoie (Democrat)

House District 97: In Androscoggin County — parts of Lisbon.

Scott Newman Gaiason (Democrat)

Richard G. Mason (Republican)

House District 98: In Androscoggin County — Durham, parts of Lisbon; in Cumberland County — Pownal; and in Sagadahoc County — Bowdoin and Topsham.

Orion Evenstar Breen (Democrat)

Joseph C. Galletta (Republican)

House District 104: In Cumberland County — New Gloucester and parts of Gray.

Amy B. Arata (Republican)

Anne B. Gass (Independent)

House District 105: In Cumberland County — North Yarmouth and parts of Gray.

Annie Graham (Democrat)

David Lawrence Reed (Republican)

Maine Senate races

Senate District 5: In Franklin County — Carrabassett Valley, Chesterville, East Central Franklin, Farmington, Industry, Kingfield, New Sharon, New Vineyard, Strong, Wilton and Wyman Township; in Kennebec County — Rome and Vienna; and in Somerset County — Anson, Athens, Bingham, Brighton Plantation, Cambridge, Caratunk, Central Somerset, Cornville, Dennistown Plantation, Embden; Harmony, Hartland, Highland Plantation, Jackman, Mercer, Moose River, Moscow, New Portland, Northeast Somerset, Northwest Somerset, Pleasant Ridge Plantation, Ripley, Seboomook Lake, Smithfield, Solon, St. Albans, Starks, The Forks Plantation and West Forks Plantation.

Russell Black (Republican)

Douglas Andrew Thomas (Independent)

Senate District 14: In Kennebec County — Chelsea, Farmingdale, Gardiner, Hallowell, Manchester, Monmouth, Pittston, Randolph, Readfield, Wayne, West Gardiner and Winthrop.

Jeffrey P. Hanley (Republican)

Craig V. Hickman (Democrat)

Senate District 17: In Androscoggin County — Greene, Leeds, Lisbon, Livermore, Livermore Falls, Sabattus, Turner and Wales; and in Kennebec County — Fayette and Litchfield.

Jo-Jean Keller (Democrat)

Jeff Timberlake (Republican)

Senate District 18: In Androscoggin County — Mechanic Falls and Minot; in Cumberland County — Bridgton and Harrison; and in Oxford County — Brownfield, Denmark, Fryeburg, Hebron, Norway, Otisfield, Oxford, Paris, Sweden and Waterford.

Richard A. Bennett (Republican)

Colin D. O’Neill (Democrat)

Senate District 19: In Franklin County — Avon, Carthage, Coplin Plantation, Dallas Plantation, Eustis, Jay, North Franklin, Phillips, Rangeley, Rangeley Plantation, Sandy River Plantation, South Franklin, Temple, Weld and West Central Franklin; in Oxford County — Andover, Bethel, Buckfield, Byron, Canton, Dixfield, Gilead, Greenwood, Hanover, Hartford, Lincoln Plantation, Lovell, Magalloway Plantation, Mexico, Milton Township, Newry, North Oxford, Peru, Roxbury, Rumford, South Oxford, Stoneham, Stow, Sumner, Upton, West Paris and Woodstock.

Matthew R. Bean (Democrat)

Lisa Keim (Republican)

Senate District 20: In Androscoggin County — Auburn, Durham and Poland; and in Cumberland County — New Gloucester.

Eric L. Brakey (Republican)

Bettyann Watson Sheats (Democrat)

Senate District 21: In Androscoggin County — Lewiston.

Ricky LaChapelle (Republican)

Margaret Rose Rotundo (Democrat)

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