Gov. Janet Mills increased municipal revenue sharing to 5% from the 2% grudgingly allowed by former Gov. Paul LePage.

In addition, Mills has provided for the first time in 17 years the full 55% of education funding that was promised to municipalities (in sharp contrast to the 49.6% high-point reached by her predecessor).

Under the circumstances, it is no surprise that Lewiston’s mil rate this year went up only slightly from 28.26 to 28.50, a much smaller increase than expected in a time of significantly greater expenses; and the mil rate in some towns actually decreased — for example, in Poland, from 15.10 to 14.66.

As people know, the mil rate is directly responsible for the annual cost to owners and renters of real estate taxes.

My thanks to Janet Mills. I hope people join me in re-electing her as governor in November.

Elaine Makas, Lewiston

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