Mark Beauregard

The Rangeley Board of Selectmen met on September 19 for their second meeting of the month.  It is uncommon for a school item to be on the Selectmen’s agenda.  A Rangeley Lakes Regional School Board member was removed, per policy, for a series of us excused absences which created an opening on the Board.  The Selectmen may vote to appoint a member to the School Board until a new member is elected at the next annual Town Meeting.  The Selectmen voted to appoint Karen Seaman who had submitted an application for appointment.
The Town of Rangeley owns a property at 35 Hotel Road, Map 007 Lot 107, the result of a legally conducted foreclosure.  The Town has been working with the previous owner’s attorney to draft a written agreement that would allow the previous owner an opportunity to re-acquire the property.  The previous owner was hesitant to include language in the agreement the Selectmen wanted to protect the Town’s interest.  The Selectmen voted unanimously to stop working on the agreement and sell the property by sealed bid at a future date not yet determined.
The Selectmen received cost information on a floating dock system as an alternative to rebuilding the end section of the existing swim dock at the Rangeley Town Park.  The Selectmen voted to accept the BMC Diving Inc. bid price of $101,506.78 for dock improvements contingent upon the Town receiving a state issued permit for the work.  The proposed improvements include replacing the top four layers of the structure as well as the skirting and decking.
Two bids were received for the 3,000 yards of winter sand the the Town needs.  The bid was awarded to M&H Construction, the low bidder at $12.85 per yard.
The Board of Selectmen received correspondence from the Planning Board.  The Planning Board’s letter criticizes the Selectmen’s decision to not present Chapter 38, the Rangeley Zoning Ordinance, in its entirety to the voters in November.
Nick Archer, the Town’s Consultant Wastewater Superintendent, is working with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection on staff training for PFAS effluent sampling and a sampling scheduled for Rangeley.  The Environment Protection Agency will pay for the required sampling analysis through the Maine DEP.  Groundwater well sampling of the effluent spray fields will also be conducted.
The Town Manager has received three applications for the vacant Code Enforcement Officer position and will soon begin the interviews.  The Director of Public Service position is ready to be advertised.
An On Premise Beer and Wine License was issued to the Rangeley Lakes Historical Society.  Michelle Landry, Director of the Outdoor Heritage Museum explained that they would like to make the beverages available to their guests at up to five events per year.  The alcoholic beverages will not be permitted outside.  Liquor License renewals were approved for Sarge’s Pub and Grub, The Shed and Furbish Brew House.
The coordinator for Rangeley Health Ride will be moving this fall.  The position has been posted to attract a new coordinator.
The next Board of Selectmen’s meeting will be October 3, 2022.

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