Why is autocracy a threat?

Autocracy results from a lust for power — power that rules and corrupts at will. When autocracy outweighs democracy, democracy falls. We are at that tipping point.

Right now the minority leader of the House declares that when Republicans control the House after the November election they will curtail or end support for Ukraine. Money controlled by those in power can only increase that power and the wealth it generates for them. When those in power seek only greater power ignoring the people they were elected to serve, it will end democracy.

It is no coincidence that the Republican Party has embraced the autocratic leader of Hungary, and criticizes President Biden while supporting Vladimir Putin in his lust for power and drive to restore the Russian Empire.

This drift toward autocracy is threatening everything we treasure — our rights and freedoms. What does it mean for this country? Will we lose our democracy? Can Ukraine survive without U.S. support? Will or can NATO fill in for America — or will it collapse?

America is the strength and backbone of the NATO nations, many of whom fear Putin’s desire for expansion, having experienced his unquenchable lust to overpower and control countries on his borders.


Foreign policy experts believe Russia is the greatest threat to the world. Congress unanimously agreed until signaling a change in the recent past.

Fill in the blanks, and determine what all this means. And voters’ power to change it.

It is in their hands.

Patricia Fogg, Greene

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