I’m offended by the political ad suggesting that something is bad about Gov. Janet Mills because she lived in San Francisco and backpacked through Europe.

My own daughter did those exact two things when she was in her twenties. She has never been wealthy, snooty, or disconnected with the people of Maine. Rather, these experiences increased her abilities and motivation to help people with their struggles.

I learned years ago not to make assumptions about anyone, no matter their financial or family status. These things don’t preclude acute awareness of the struggles and hardships of others.

Janet Mills has proven her deep empathy and concern for Mainers by expanding access to health care, improving day cares, improving our state’s public health infrastructure, and fully funding education. Former Gov. Paul LePage did just the opposite, reducing budgets, removing resources and showing no empathy for struggling Mainers.

Janet Mills has my vote.

Kathi Benton, Auburn

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