As a veteran, I am proudly supporting Eric Brakey for Maine Senate.

Brakey demonstrated, during his two terms as senator, that he takes his oath to the U.S. Constitution as seriously as I do. No one in Augusta works harder than Eric Brakey to defend our freedoms and paychecks. For that alone, Eric Brakey would have my vote.

But what sets Brakey further apart is his readiness to defend our men and women in uniform from a derelict Congress. At the recent Poland candidate forum, Brakey pledged to sponsor “Defend the Guard” legislation. This would require politicians in Washington to follow their oaths, going on record with a vote to authorize war before sending our Maine National Guard into more pointless, forever wars.

Finally, someone who does more than pay lip service to our soldiers.

Brakey has my vote for Poland, New Gloucester, Durham and Auburn.

Richard Bryant, Poland

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