BETHEL — Be prepared for lots of action and practical jokes that will keep you on your toes, laughing all the way as “The Pie Ladies Make Bail,” by Sherry Piros, and four other comedy plays will be presented by the Senior College Players of Bethel on Friday, November 18 at 7 p.m. and Saturday, November 19, at 2 p.m. at Gould Academy’s McLaughlin Auditorium, Bethel.

Ray Leghart, facilitator, said, “The Players, although ‘amateur thespians,’ challenge themselves in the art of theater and are anxious to highlight their talents for their friends and neighbors.” Members will follow the “senior theater” tradition of carrying their scripts on stage.

Three years ago, “The Pie Ladies” were a hit with their antics and decision to form their own country. Now they are back and have landed in jail because they didn’t take kindly to their neighbors trying to take down the flag of their new country. They are bailed out, but they owe a lot of money. They decide to sell a cookbook to pay back the funds. Their good intentions don’t save them from a disastrous turn of events. Lots of action, practical jokes, and misunderstandings keep audiences on their toes, laughing all the way! Cast members include Gail Parent, Rosabelle Tifft, Arita Zitoli, Mary Hickey, Mariann Goff-Dumont, Tim LeConey, Lia Paliocha, Lainey Cross and Jack Kuchta.

‘Extra-Curricular Activity’

“Extra-Curricular Activity” by Jay D. Hanagan features Lainey Cross as Jenn and Tim LeConey as Xenon. He’s out of this world. She just wants a quiet day in the park. Or at least that’s what it looks like at first glance. Are we going to have
romance or an intergalactic war?

“She With a Capital ESS” by Jay D. Hanagan, includes Jack Kuchta as Man and Ray Leghart/Lia Paliocha as God. When a man implores the aid of a deity, he’s very surprised when he gets a response. He’s even more surprised by the final revelation. God works in mysterious ways to be sure.

“The Sweet By and By” by Jim Gordon features Lia Paliocha as Mary, Mary Hickey as Anne and Ray Leghart as Fred. Mary has lost a loved one, but through her faith she’s certain they’ll “meet again on that beautiful shore.” Mary’s neighbor, however, is more concerned with how Mary managed to bury her husband in the building’s backyard.

The Tooth Hurts

The final comedy features John Reilly as Leon, Rosabelle Tifft as Mavis and a special guest star in “The Tooth Hurts,” by David S. Raine. Mavis really wants to retire as The Tooth Fairy. Leon might not quite be up to the task of replacing her, but Mavis is going to give him one last chance to get it right.

Senior College Players are sponsored by Western Mountains Senior College. Admission is free but donations are accepted to offset Royalty fees. Masks are optional. For more information, contact Jack Kuchta, stage manager, at 207-364-3137.

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