At the Jan. 3 Lewiston City Council meeting, four members of the council attempted to ignore both the City Charter and more than 100 years of precedence in trying to prohibit the mayor from speaking on issues brought before the council unless he relinquished the gavel.

Neither the City Charter nor past precedence call for these actions. The council president stated that he had enlisted the city attorney to review the proposal and also asked him to be present at the council meeting — causing unnecessary legal fees.

The council president stated that he had the power to contact the city attorney, and that he had the approval of a majority of the council to do so (four counselors). This means that the council president and three counselors had already themselves decided actions to be taken by the council before any discussion with all seven councilors and the mayor.

I don’t believe that this is good governance. It is political politics. I believe, if this resolution is adopted by the council, or if the four councilors involved continue to attempt to roll over the other three counselors and/or mayor, that it is time to start a petition for the recall of the four politically motivated council members.

William Coffin, Lewiston

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