“We hereby organize to serve the interests of the country.

“We believe that the government has an important and constructive role to play in defining an equal-opportunity-society based on principles of individual rights.

“We believe that the people of America have entrusted us to represent the country, to transcend politics, in order to pursue the common good.

“People have entrusted us to represent the interests of the country by transcending politics to pursue the common good. A government too large can intrude upon the individual rights of individuals or individual rights of people.

“We believe that government agencies should serve rather than restrict, regulate or punish the American people.

“We think that the tax code should be simply structured and create incentives for income earning, saving and investments and expanding opportunities.

“We think that the government should be aware that it was created by the American people and that it should answer to the public for its failures and successes. It should never be so arrogant as to use its powers to diminish personal rights and freedoms guaranteed by the constitution.”

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