I feel it’s wrong for mentally ill people who commit horrendous crimes to be allowed to go free after treatment. If they regain their mental health, and become aware of their deeds, they should have to serve time in a restricted area, not freed after treatment.

I would like to see a new law, retroactive to 2021, called “The Troy and Dulsie Varney Law,” that states that mentally ill defendants do not get released after treatment but must serve out the time they deprived their victims of — in a locked, gated community.

Patrick Maher had a right to a trial, to treatment, and a right to go off his meds, and should have an expectation to serve time for his choices.

We have to take back our rights. We should have a right to be safe in our homes. We should expect lawmakers and law enforcement to protect our rights.

Shelby and Audrey Varney should not have to see Maher in a store sometime and relive their parents’ horrible deaths, or live in fear for their lives or their children’s lives.

Democrats are against protecting certain rights. How ironic they don’t feel like confining defendants who aren’t criminally responsible because of mental illness — yet they support women murdering fetuses at any stage of pregnancy?

The Varney girls’ rights, and ours, are being discounted daily. Will the public get behind my proposal to keep formerly mentally ill defendants together, confined in a locked, gated community, serving out the time they deprived their victims of?

Sheila Richardson, Turner

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