DEAR SUN SPOTS: On Dec. 2, I went to the Oxford Casino and put my card in the train machine to try it. I have a long stretch cord tied to my card that clips to a pouch and had a beautiful bracelet with 11 Las Vegas trinkets tied to the cord. A friend who collected the charms over many years gave it to me on my birthday for good luck.

When I left the machine, the tie attaching the bracelet to my pouch must have broken and I didn’t notice.

On Dec. 9, I went to the casino’s front desk to see about the bracelet and the cashier told me that a woman had turned it in and he went to check the drawer. When he came back, he said he was told that someone else had come in and claimed my bracelet. I asked him why this person’s ID wasn’t checked. They didn’t write down her information either and don’t know who it was.

The bracelet means a lot to me so if anyone knows who claimed this item that isn’t theirs or knows anything about this, please call me at 782-1157. — Mary Ann, Lewiston

ANSWER: This is a sad tale and I can’t for the life of me understand why your bracelet would be handed over to someone who didn’t show that it definitely belonged to them.

Did you ask to speak with a manager and find out what the policy is for lost items? I fear that because several weeks have passed since this occurred that your bracelet may be gone for good. But you never know, the person who took it may read this and decide to do the right thing by contacting you or bringing it back to the casino. Let us know if anything happens.


DEAR SUN SPOTS: In the Jan. 31 Sun Spots, you forgot to mention the Androscoggin Hospice Thrift Store to the person looking to donate suitcases. The store has had customers looking for suitcases when going to visit family and  friends out of state.

Monies from every item sold  go to assist people with health care or end-of-life issues. The store has a paid manager, while the rest of us are volunteers. Stop by sometime! — Mary Ann, no town

ANSWER: Good to know! I admit I was thinking more of nonprofits where folks in need had direct access to the suitcases, rather than having to pay for them. Androscoggin Hospice Thrift Store is a very good cause though, and I need to get over there again soon. I follow the Facebook page and there is always so much cool stuff offered and whoever does the staging and displays does a fabulous job.

Readers, if you haven’t been to the Thrift Store yet. It really is worth the trip. It’s at 245 Center St., Suite 2, in Auburn. The store is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and donations are accepted Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Call 312-5092 if you have questions about what donations the organization accepts.

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