PARIS — Porta-potties took center stage once again at Monday’s Select Board meeting.

The lack of portable bathroom facilities at Moore Park along state Route 26 consumed nearly half of the meeting, after Selectman Peter Kilgore asked Parks and Recreation Director Candace Jack about the lack of facilities there.

Jack, who attended the meeting to review her 2023-24 department budget, expressed frustration with trying to find a solution for the past three months. The town is hoping to host concerts in the park again, but she said companies are refusing to rent porta-potties to the town due to past issues with vandalism and drug paraphernalia.

“Nobody will rent to us,” Jack said, although she noted private citizens can.

In August 2022, Selectman Carlton Sprague complained about the lack of bathroom facilities at the park.

The reason they were initially removed, Town Manager Dawn Noyes said at that time, was because they became a dumping station for travelers at all hours of the day and they were often trashed.


She also pointed out there was a question about who would be responsible to cleaning them. She described the facilities as “disgusting.”

At Monday’s meeting, Sprague suggested the town consider purchasing porta-potties, which could cost as much as $3,000 apiece, according to Jack.

Selectman Scott McElravy suggested the facilities should be kept locked except during special events, but Sprague argued that would prevent youngsters playing at the park from using them.

Vandalism has been a huge problem at Moore Park, Jack said. She said she often has to clean off the chalk, paint and other materials used to write on the veterans memorials, which she described as a “daily occurrence.” She said many parents do not stop their children from writing on the monuments.

She also said the wiring for the Christmas lights at the park were cut.

The gazebo there has been the site of drug deals at all hours of the night. Shingles have been torn off the roof and drugs and other paraphernalia have been discovered in the electrical outlets.


While there are cameras at the park, it can be difficult to identify individuals, Jack said.

With the lack of portable bathrooms, the summer concert series may return to the fire station which has bathrooms.

Jack said she has heard from residents who would rather see the shows in the park.

With no clear solution is sight, McElravy said the town needs to come up with a long-term solution, including building a rest facility that could be kept locked.

In other business, the board accepted the $12,500 offer from Market Square Associates to buy the property at 27 Market Square, the site of the former Minnie’s restaurant. It was the highest of seven bids — the lowest was $3,750 — for the tax-acquired land and building. The new owner reportedly plans to tear down the building to create more parking for nearby apartments it owns.

It was the last tax-acquired property on the town books, Town Clerk Elizabeth Knox said.


Noyes reported that Norway-Paris Solid Waste has applied for an $800,000 federal grant to finance new equipment at the transfer station and recycling facility at 39 Brown St. in Norway. Specifically, the money would be used for a baler, a scale and three trailers that haul the waste out of the hopper.

Noyes said she believes the new equipment would improve employee morale.

“We’re hoping that this will change things down there,” Noyes said.

The board appointed McElravy as the backup code enforcement officer, filling in for Christopher Summers in emergencies.

McElravy served as interim CEO a year ago while Summers, who is also chairman of the Board of Selectmen, completed his training and state exams.

Nomination papers for two selectmen and three Maine School Administrative District 17 directors are available at the Town Office. The filing deadline is May 14.

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