I am proud to service the Town of Rangeley, as your selectman, and would appreciate your continued support and votes in this year’s election.

I was raised and have lived in Rangeley all my life.  I graduated from Rangeley Lakes Regional School then received a bachelor’s degree in business administration with Thomas College.  I married my high school sweetheart, also raised in Rangeley.  We easily decided that Rangeley would be the place to stay, raise our son and to remain close to our families.  Rangeley is our home.

After graduating from college, I began working for Kingfield Savings Bank.  Throughout my banking career and being members of various organizations, I have established relationships with so many types of individuals including connections with other Selectmen and town managers throughout Franklin County.  At times, I have reached out to others for questions or input and what their towns have done.  Online researching is great too, but to talk to a person is such a source.  In addition to my connections, my knowledge in banking has also helped with my position, as a selectman for our town.

Rerunning for selectmen was an easy choice.  I love this Town and want to contribute to the place I live and grew up.  We have done so many things and there are so many more things to get done.  It has been a pleasure serving our great Town for 11 years, with 9 years as a selectmen, 2 years on the Budget Committee and being a part of the Rangeley Region Economic Opportunity Committee since it was established by attending their meetings then becoming an active member.

Thank you for the opportunity and your continued support.  I am dedicated and will continue to work hard to earn your trust and votes.

Sincerely, Shelly Lowell


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