I write in response to Brian Noyes Pulling’s letter (“War between Russia and Ukraine endangers entire planet,” May 9).

Ukraine and Russia have differences much deeper and for a far longer period than any CIA interference or influence. Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, no friend of President Biden’s, said on “Face the Nation” May 21 that Vladimir Putin’s goal is to revive the old U.S.S.R.

Ronald Reagan would roll over in his grave if we let the Soviet Union come back.

Marc Thiessen says the sources for the Donald Trump and Russia investigation are unreliable (“The Durham Report is a damning indictment of the FBI — and the media,” May 21).

He conveniently forgets who hired intelligence officer Christopher Steele to milk Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov for information (dirt) on Hillary Clinton. They stopped when they found no dirt on Hillary, but they found dirt on Don.

Forget that Lavrov was found innocent in court, or that special counsel Robert Mueller said just before the election that he never exonerated Trump, and Don saying “I believe him, why would he lie?” or “Putin’s a genius.”

Had they had dirt on Clinton, despite the source, I wonder if they would have used it? If people choose to peruse news with no use for truth, Fox (faux) and the refuse they continue to spew, are they unaware of the harm that it does? A three-quarter-of-a-billion-dollar settlement Fox has to pay screams that that’s the truth.

Rudolph Ziehm, Sabattus

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