Contrary to Brad Kowalski’s dizzyingly cynical assertion, the hundreds of Protect Lake Auburn signs that went up around the Twin Cities mean precisely what they say (“Don’t be duped by Auburn political signs,” Aug. 31).

Concerns about the water supply for about 40,000 people are well-founded, and not delusions of “old wealthy elites.” As far as I can tell, the people who put them up did so out of valid concerns that pro-development interests would overcome watershed protections, harm water quality, sabotage the treatment waiver, and force the construction of a treatment plant at great expense, probably close to $80 million in today’s dollars.

People shouldn’t be duped by Mr. Kowalski’s assertions: some landowners in the Lake Auburn Watershed resent development restrictions that protect the lake, and would like to allow development that would harm it.

That is why there are so many Protect Lake Auburn signs everywhere.

Richard S. Whiting, Auburn

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