100 Years Ago: 1923

The new Charlotte Halbe hats at the B. Peck store are just now a very fascinating feature of the millinery department. Each creation comes in a hat box of most alluring color and design and every hat is distinctly individual. Fashioned. from the most lustrous Lyons velvet, a bewildering choice of designs, there is something here to please every type of woman.

50 Years Ago: 1973

A Maine artist has been commissioned to do a portrait of former Maine Sen. Margaret Chase Smith. The Maine State Commission on the Arts and Humanities has chosen Willard Cummings of Skowhegan to paint Mrs. Smith. The artist is a native of Old Town and a graduate of the Yale School of Fine Arts.

25 Years Ago: 1998

A bull moose trying to dislodge bamboo vines entwined in his antlers punched holes in a mobile home over the weekend, a Maine Warden Service officer said Tuesday.


Ivy Bartlett said something woke her up early Sunday morning but she went back to sleep, according to her son, Lindy, who lives next door.

He also was awakened Sunday about 6 a.m. by his barking dog, he said Monday, but “I didn’t think much of it at the time. After breakfast I went to my mother’s mobile home.”

What he found was five holes in the metal siding, the skirting kicked in and bamboo shoots strewn across the lawn as if a hurricane had struck, he said. Large moose tracks were also evident in the yard.

Lindy Bartlett called the Maine Warden Service because “I knew if I told this story without confirmation, people wouldn’t believe it.”

Warden Norman Lewis of Greenwood said he found a large area of trampled bamboo next to the nearby Androscoggin River, where the animal apparently emerged. The tracks led up to Route 2 and then into the driveway of Ivy Bartlett’s home, he said.

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