I write in response to Joe Mailey’s letter (“Renters are taxpayers and deserve same notifications,” Jan. 27). Rarely do I agree with Joe, but in this instance I am totally in agreement. Renters should be given written notice like property taxpayers when a project is built in the neighborhood, since they ultimately do pay property taxes through the landlord.

I don’t believe that state law precludes renters from not receiving notification, which I believe is up to the city or town government that ultimately decides who is notified. The city of Auburn can change this very easily, since the new mayor wanted to have inclusive government.

Equity and inclusiveness, ensuring that renters are informed and have a say in neighborhood developments, can contribute to greater equity and inclusiveness in the decision-making process. Renters, like property taxpayers, have a stake in their community and should have the opportunity to be informed and involved.

It’s essential to ensure that notification processes are fair, transparent and inclusive to the extent possible to promote community involvement and minimize potential negative impacts on residents.

Scott Berry, Auburn

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