I was glad to hear that Dan Campbell, the popular, long-time Edward Little High School coach, has entered the race for House District 90.

In 2022, there was only one person on the ballot, a candidate whose extreme views I could not support. I looked back at the vote totals for that race, and it appears that voters do not like to see only one candidate on the ballot as the total votes cast were much lower than the number of enrolled voters. It’s good to have a contested race here.

Listing Coach Dan’s contributions to our community would take way more words than a letter to the editor allows. As I read over his many accomplishments, a headline from the Sun Journal in 2021, “Patron saint of helping others,” jumped out at me.

We need truly service-minded people in Augusta, and our community would benefit greatly from having Dan Campbell represent us.

Renee Cote, Auburn

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