A few days ago, a letter-to-the-editor writer reminded us that our area has won three high school state championships recently.

On April 8 we had gorgeous weather for the eclipse. A few days ago there was a picture of a fellow from Ohio sitting on a hammock near Lake Auburn who said we are lucky to have a neat place.

The day after that, in response to his comment, I drove around Lake Auburn and was hugely impressed by the sparkling waves I could see from Lake Shore Drive. Then, the other night, I went outside near my home at 9:30 and was treated to waving, shimmering green and pink lights in the sky. Northern lights. Wow.

We really are lucky to live in Maine, and especially in Auburn and Lewiston, right now. No, it’s not that we are lucky.

It is that we are working hard to live good lives, and it shows.

Ben Lounsbury, Auburn

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