SMITHFIELD — A Lewiston woman is accused of violating conditions of release related to a drunken driving charge after authorities said she was found intoxicated in the aftermath of reporting a car crash Monday.

Daelyn Sargent, 19, of Lewiston, called police at 3:11 a.m. Monday reporting she was in a vehicle stuck in a ditch off Rome Road, according to Mike Mitchell, chief deputy of the Somerset County Sheriff’s Office.

“She claimed she was not driving and she was the only one in the vehicle,” he said of Sargent.

Sargent, who the sheriff’s office said was intoxicated at the time, gave the name of a man she claimed had been driving her 2007 Toyota Yaris when it went into the ditch. She told the responding sheriff’s deputy the man had walked away from the scene, according to Mitchell.

The sheriff’s office on Tuesday had not yet spoken with the man Sargent identified as the driver, and she did not cooperate in helping to locate him, he said. “So far, the crash report is not completed because we don’t know who was driving,” Mitchell said.

The Toyota, which is registered to Sargent, had enough damage to require a crash report be filled out, he said. The car was towed from the scene, he said.

Even so, Sargent, who was out on bail at the time in connection with earlier charges of drunken driving and operating without a license, was arrested Monday on two counts of violation of conditions of release, as well as a civil violation of a minor consuming alcohol, Mitchell said.  As part of her original bail conditions, she was not to consume alcohol and she was required to submit to chemical testing, but she refused to be tested Monday, he said.

At 19, Sargent is not supposed to possess or consume alcohol.

Sargent was released on bail later Monday from Somerset County Jail in Madison and is scheduled to answer to the new charges Sept. 4 in Skowhegan District Court, according to Mitchell.

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