ANDOVER — When Andover Select Board members met on May 29 it was to finalize the town report. Under consideration was publishing a 1990 photo of Brian Mills on the cover.

“You’ve served the Town in many, many capacities … we wanted to have the photo of you from 1990,” said Town Clerk Melinda Averill. The black and white photo showed Mills, being sworn in as selectman.

Mills who has served as Andover selectman for 18 non-consecutive years, responded, “I don’t know if I’m done.”

Throughout the meeting, which extended into its second hour, the three select board members – Mills, Joe Luce, and Justin Thacker – scrutinized each of the 57 articles on this year’s warrant. Averill, Select Board Secretary Dee Nadeau, and Treasurer Amber Cooper gave input too, convening in the back office of the town office.

They were meeting at town office in part because the  sidewalk in front of Town Hall was being replaced. After the meeting, Averill said, “I was going to ask them, what they are going to do with that leftover [sidewalk] cement?” She said she hoped to put it in front of town office, “so no one comes through the building.”

In a light-hearted exchange, Cooper suggested Averill sell it to her sister Tricia referencing the March accident when Cooper’s husband accidentally drove into Mill’s Market, owned by Tricia Mills.


The meeting also addressed the proposal to move the annual town meeting from June to March, starting in 2025, allowing officials to secure road and contractor bids earlier in the year. Discussions included the potential shift of the budget’s fiscal year to align with the calendar year.

Noteworthy articles included compensation for the Emergency Management Agency director, expansion plans for the transfer station, and the possibility of hiring a town manager.

As the meeting wound down, Mills said, I would like myself taken off the cover [of the town report]… I plan to run [for select board] as a write-in. Only because … with FEMA, the grants, it is just not a good time [to bow out].”

Reflecting on the photo from 1990, Mills said, “It was a long time ago.”

Some stayed after the meeting to scroll through flood photos that will replace the Mills’ photo on the cover.

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