Lillian Sharples played softball for Buckfield Junior-Senior High School. Sharples plans to attend Central Maine Community College in the fall. Andree Kehn/Sun Journal

BUCKFIELD — Through challenging herself academically and athletically during high school, Buckfield Junior-Senior High School senior Lillian Sharples, 17, is ready to build her future, Principal Troy Eastman said.

“I have no doubt that she will continue to grow into a successful adult and have a positive impact on the lives of others,” he said.

Sharples said high school went by faster than she could have imagined, she said.

Best part of each day?

The best part of my days are seeing all my friends and my favorite teachers.

Worst part of each day?


I don’t really have a bad part of my day, my senior year has been all I could have asked for.

Favorite class or subject? Why?

My favorite class this year has been my Extended Learning Opportunity Psychology class. I’ve learned a lot throughout the year and it’s been preparing me for my career.

Favorite teacher or school staff member? Why?

I have a lot of favorite teachers and staff including my ELO psychology teacher Mrs. Kimball, along with Gladys Russell, our secretary, and Eastman. They never fail to make me smile and make my day better.

What was the hardest part of high school and how did you find your way through it?


The hardest part of high school for me was being in such a small school, everyone knows everyone here. After a while you learn to accept it and try to make friends with everybody.

How do you think you’ll be remembered by the members of your class?

I think the members of my class will most likely remember me as being confident and maybe a little too aggressive when it comes to sports.

Something you wish teachers and administrators understood about students today?

I wish teachers and administrators today understood that students want to learn more about what we can use in the real world.

Advice to all those eighth graders entering high school next year?


My advice for the incoming freshman would be to enjoy your time while you’re here. It goes by way too fast so don’t try to rush anything.

What is next for you after graduation?

After graduation I’m going to Central Maine Community College to study psychology and play softball for the Mustangs. The plan right now is to transfer to University of Maine Orono after two years at CMCC to complete my psychology degree.

This is the 17th article in a series featuring a high school senior, chosen by their principal, from each of the 18 high schools in the Sun Journal’s coverage area.

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