President Biden has served 50-plus years in government. He says he knows how to make government work.

He’s had 3 ½ years to prove it.

Shame on President Biden. He’s run government like a monopoly at taxpayers’ expense. Unlike the private sector that strives to survive without taxpayer support, he has forced retirees — who’ve been paying taxes all their lives — to dig into their savings.

President Biden is soft spoken when asked about the government’s accountability when COVID rescue funds were stolen and only a very small percentage was recovered.

Taxpayers have had enough of his malarkey.

As for Trump, imagine being a juror in one of his criminal trials. We have a lot of sick people out there.

According to the April 26 Newsweek, Trump told supporters at a rally that the trial is sham and he’s proud to do it for us.

Sounds more like a savior than a criminal.

Joe Voisine, North Monmouth

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