FARMINGTON — Town Manager Erica LaCroix told selectmen Tuesday that she would schedule a meeting to review topics ahead of the Franklin County strategic planning meeting at 2 p.m. June 25.

LaCroix said she mentioned items she thought the county’s role should encompass at a recent town managers’ meeting.

“One of the things that came up was fire service and having some type of role in coordinating towns more,” she said. “Not necessarily talking about regional fire brigades, that we want to move our fire station to a central location and everybody has to deploy from there, but more just how do we plan for the future, how do we plan for who is going to respond when and with what equipment.”

LaCroix said Fire Rescue Chief Timothy “TD” Hardy came in Monday and wanted to make sure somebody was going to be bringing that up to the county.

“I had said perhaps before we actually attend this meeting that maybe department heads who had specific things they would like to come up during the strategic plan could meet with those of you planning to attend,” LaCroix said.

“I think that would be positive and helpful,” Selectman Dennis O’Neil said. “I am going in with a blank slate.”


LaCroix said she would post the meeting so there would be no issues with having a quorum.

In other business, Code Assistant Kate Foster was appointed as alternate licensed plumbing inspector.

“The reason I need an alternate is I am also a septic system designer, site evaluator and I have been doing a lot of systems in Farmington,” Andrew Marble, the town’s licensed plumbing inspector, said.

“It is illegal for me to permit and inspect my own systems. Prior to Kate being the alternate, we had an alternate plumbing inspector, my father (Richard Marble),” he said. “It doesn’t really meet the straight-face test for me to design systems then have him permit them, inspect them, even though he was the town’s plumbing inspector for 20 years.”

Andrew Marble asked Foster and she said she would take on the role.

“She has been shadowing me on a bunch of different systems and has been doing great,” he said. He has no plans of stepping down from his position with the town but said it is great to know Foster could take over.


In her earlier report, LaCroix noted Foster had obtained her temporary Licensed Plumbing Inspector certification.

Foster has been working with Andrew Marble to gain skills and experience in this field in hopes that she will be able to fully assume those duties when he retires, LaCroix said. “This is a huge step towards full certification,” she added.

LaCroix also congratulated Treasurer Tammy Bureau on achieving certification through the Maine Municipal Tax Collectors’ and Treasurers’ Association.

“This certification takes a minimum of three years of attending training and conferences to obtain continuing education credits in finance and property tax,” LaCroix said. Certification not only means a higher level of expertise, but usually comes with a decrease in public official liability insurance premiums, a benefit for residents, she noted.

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