MEXICO — Voters on Tuesday accepted the offer from Regional School Unit 10 to take possession of Meroby Elementary School after students move to Mountain Valley Community School, which is under construction.

The town is considering moving its offices to the school at 21 Cross St. when it becomes available late next year or early in 2026.

“All we know (from this vote) is that it’s still an option,” Town Manager Raquel Welch-Day said. A final decision has not been made.

“The rec department is going kicking and screaming into that building… If all the departments, other than highway, don’t go, it’s not really cost effective,” she said. “If the rec wants to stay where they are, it makes no sense for the rest of the departments to go. We kind of have to weigh that out and see what happens.”

Also approved Tuesday was an article to allow a solar farm by Nexamp be built on a parcel on Roxbury Road the town purchased for a fire station. It would utilize 7 of the 22 acres.

Voters rejected an article to appropriate money for the property revaluation, 154-173.


“They don’t want a reval and I understand that, but we need to do it,” Welch-Day said.

“We’re going to have to go back out in November, assuming there will a larger voting pool, to see if I can get it to pass,” she said. “We put a lot of information out, but I don’t think people understand it. They say reval, taxes are going up. That’s not necessarily true. A reval gives a true value and broadens your tax base.”

Welch-Day said it’s been more than a decade since the last revaluation, which was done in-house.

The next one will not be done by the town, she said.

And the longer the town holds off, the more expensive it will be, she added.

Welch-Day said there is $50,000 in a reserve account for the revaluation. “We were asking for the rest out of surplus. Right now, the cost of one is between $200,000 and $300,000. We have the money right now in surplus, so now is the time.”


The town manager said the 2024-25 municipal budget of $4.03 million is up about 6% from this year’s $3.72 million.

“There may be a slight tax increase, but it’ll be the first increase since I became town manager five years ago, and maybe longer than that,” she said.

Wages and insurance are the biggest reasons for the increase. The town’s share of the county budget is up 16% and the school budget is up around 7%.

Richard Philbrick won another three-year term as selectman, defeating Edward Varnum Jr., 223-97. Thomas Hines edged out Melinda Stewart, 160-155, for a two-year term on the board.

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