BETHEL — MSAD 44 district budget validation referendum passed on June 11 with a total of 614 to 177 votes in the towns of Bethel, Greenwood, Newry and Woodstock.

In Bethel, incumbent selectboard member Pat McCartney bested assessor board member Ron Savage (235-215). Incumbent George Angevine ran unopposed and was re-elected to a three-year Board of Assessors term.

Other area races for selectboard were uncontested, such as in Newry, where Mandy Berry received 71 votes and no opposition.

Sheryl Morgan in Woodstock and Meredith Harrop in Newry won handily in their reelection bids for the MSAD 44 School Board.

Several people wrote-in school board candidates for Bethel and Greenwood.

County commission, District 2:


In Andover, Republican Lisa Keim beat Republican Kyle Tilsley, 77-33. In Bethel Keim won as well: 153 to 90.

In Newry and Woodstock, Keim lost. She had 18 votes to Tilsley’s 28 in Newry. In Woodstock Keim had three votes, while Tilsley had seven.

State Senate, district 19

In Newry, Greenwood and Bethel Republican David Duguay beat Republican Joseph Martin:  27- 18 in Newry; 31-21 in Greenwood and 141 to 95 in Bethel.

In Andover and Woodstock, Martin was the winner 80-32 in Andover; and 52-44 in Woodstock.

Representative to Congress, district 2


Republicans Michael Soboleski and Austin Theriault battled for the nomination to be Congressional representative.

In Newry the race was close. Soboleski received 24 votes to Theriault’s 23.

In Andover, Theriault received 58 votes to Soboleski’s 52. In Woodstock Theriault received 60 votes, Soboleski 39. In Greenwood Theriault beat Soboleski 31-20. In Bethel, Soboleski, received 84 votes to Theriault’s 137.




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