LIVERMORE — The June meeting of Brettuns Wheelers ATV Club was well attended as several young dirt bike riders were invited to see the benefits of being associated with the club. Club president Ashley Langlin-Hebert sent out invitations to the riders and their parents. “I am really pleased that most of them showed up for the meeting.”

She noted that there had been three complaints of dirt bikes speeding on the access roads in Livermore. She cautioned everyone that the access roads are controlled by the town.

“If someone speeds, or drives recklessly, the town can revoke the permission,” she said.

A copy of the access routes and the speed limits allowed were given to members, with the reminder to stay on the pavement. Riding off the pavement increases erosion.

Butter Hill Road the access portion is trail to trail and the speed limit is 10 mph.

Gibbs Mill Road to Fish Meadow Road. Gibbs Mill crossing to Cats Corner entrance – speed limit 20 mph. Stop on Gibbs Mill Road to look for oncoming traffic before proceeding onto Fish Meadow Road.


River Road, from Robinson Road to Livermore Falls Bridge – 20 mph speed limit.

The Municipal Grant application from the Town of Livermore requesting financial assistance with an ATV trail project during 2024 has been approved. The approval is for the project cost of $37,500 of which the ATV Club is responsible for $3750 or 10 percent of the grant amount, so the reimbursed amount will not exceed $33,750.

She also reported that the work party earlier this month put in 95 work hours and was well attended with more than 18 people taking part. Man hours working on the trails can be counted toward the 10 percent. She reminded anyone who worked on the trails, hours spent cutting brush, removing downed trees or clearing rolling water bars should be accurately recording their hours. Langlin-Hebert said she would provide work sheets or that people could call her to report the hours worked and she would record them in her main spreadsheet.

New members were welcomed, and a trail update was given. The trail from the Crash Road to Meadowview which includes beaver dam was reported to be in good shape. There are still some muddy areas and riders are being asked to tread lightly.

“I talked to Warren Forbes, of the Haynorville Road Assoc, and they have a meeting coming up and will discuss opening up Haynorville to Emmons Road for access.” She added

Now that the grant has been approved, any expenses incurred between April 1 to Nov. 30 will be eligible for partial reimbursement. Langlin-Hebert will contact Kimball Farrington to see when he can get started in the next week or two on the trail between Crash Road and Berry Hill.


Brian Milligan from the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry (DACF) has been working with the ATV clubs helping them to inspect the trails and recommend improvements. Most of the work that was approved in the municipal grant came from his trail report. He cautioned against trying to make new trails, just try to keep the ones you have.

”If you lose a section of trail, it’s hard if not impossible to get it back. Protect what you have,” Milligan said.

Bob Dalot, president of the Western Maine ATV Club reported some vandalism on the Whistle Stop Trail, as someone had cut down a dozen or more trees and felled them across the trail that runs along the old railroad bed.

“ I hope they feel really good about themselves,” he said.

June 29 there will be a night ride in Newport. Those interested can meet up at 4 p.m. in the parking lot by Dunkin Donuts in Farmington.

Anyone wishing to ride in the Fourth of July parade which takes place on July 3 should line up at 4 p.m. at Memco as the parade steps off at 5 p.m.

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