Franklin County Animal Shelter is located at 550 Industry Road, Farmington. Their lobby, kitten, and available adult cat rooms are open to the public Monday to Saturday, 12-4 p.m. We are performing dog adoptions by appointment. Please call us at 207-778-2638 during our open hours to schedule an appointment. We’d love to help you find the purrrfect furry friend to add to your family.

We are currently able to accept surrenders on an emergency and space available basis. If the need to surrender is not urgent, we can help provide you with pet food and supplies from our Pet Food Pantry.


Buddy is a male Boxer/Hound mix and is three to five years old. His nickname is “T-I-double guh- ER!” His energy level is high and he is extremely sweet with people and seems to be really good with dogs, but cats are not recommended.

Meet Buddy! This awfully sweet, cuddly fella is bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun! This energetic boy definitely lives up to his Boxer/Hound breed. He loves to run around, find trails around the dog park, and just be silly in general! He would need some work with his owner on his leash manners, as he tends to get a little distracted when walking. He is a really sweet boy and is still quite gentle despite his exuberance. We feel like he would do well in a home with people of all ages, and that he would get along well with other dogs. However, he does have a bit of a prey drive when it comes to smaller animals, so his new home should not have any cats. Come meet this bouncing brindle bundle of joy!


Calypso, or the Nymph of Ogygia (in Greek mythology, she’s a nymph of the mythical island of Ogygia) is a mellow dilute calico of one to three years. Meet Calypso! She is a kind little lady towards people, but does not interact with cats, and will scream if approached by them. Her personality is pretty chill, overall, and mostly likes to hang out on the catwalk and sleep. She doesn’t really interact much with other cats, though she tends to scream like a prey animal when approached by them. She won’t try to fight; she’ll just scream her little head off. She is quite sweet with new people, though she’s not likely to approach you outright, rather she will wait for you to come up to her to initiate the interaction. It is unknown how she reacts to dogs.

We are looking for fosters for Kitten Season!


Kitten season is upon us, and we have some pregnant Momma Cats here at the shelter who are ready to have their own space to give birth! We have had a lot of interest in fostering in the past, and we know some people have time restraints, but we do not want to overlook anyone! If you are interested in fostering, PLEASE give us a call at 207-778-2638 to discuss!

Some things to keep in mind if you are interested in fostering: Momma, and her subsequent kittens will need a space of their own, separate from your living space, and away from other animals that you may have. Any pets in your home must be up to date on their vaccinations. We will need proof of veterinary records. Kittens must get a wellness check at the shelter at 6 weeks old. Kittens will be ready to get spayed/neutered and adopted once they reach 8 weeks and/or 2 pounds

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